What I have learnt from Princess ??

What have I learnt from my Princess? Everything. I live my life side by side with my furry baby – and she is an integral part of everything that I do – and yet after all these years I still learn from her everyday. Dogs can be the best teachers and the best teachers make learning painless and fun, heartwarming and always rewarding.  All animals except man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it, and dogs enjoy life the fullest.

 I had no idea Princess would change my life, she taught me how to approach everyday with ‘gusto’, forget the bad, remember the good, and most important forgive mistakes – everyone of them every time. She thought me to concentrate on the rhythm of my heart and remove the wishing, the wondering and the worrying from my head. She helped me put things in perspective and give me a reason to keep going. Her love is unconditional for me.

 With Princess by my side, taking those first steps towards a fulfilling life was no longer such a daunting prospect, she taught me to love myself. To Princess I was always beautiful and fun, always smart and strong. Her love was unwavering even when I didn’t feel deserving of it.  In my darkest days, I hung on for no other reason than for the love of Princess.

 I like to think God made Dogs so that we could escape our self absorbed lives. I’m still not sure if I rescued Princess or if Princess rescued me.

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