One With You – Sylvia Day (Crossfire #4)

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Book 4 – Captivated by you –

Since this is the last book in the series, I hoped that I would enjoy One with You, and that the Crossfire series would end on a good note. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

‘One with You’ came across as being the book equivalent of a Television Series having a season finale where the writers have the season end with multiple cliffhangers, leave story lines open to be continued in the following season, and introduce whole new story lines, because their confident, or at least optimistic about the show’s chances to be renewed for another season, only to have the network cancel the show.

I was absolutely baffled when I got to the part where their psychiatrist mentions that Eva and Gideon have only known each other for three months, two of which they have lived as a married couple. I mean seriously !!! As much as I dislike this book the only good thing in the entire series was Cary. I’ve always thought he was the most interesting and entertaining character.

I wanted to stop reading the book mid -way when Eva ‘gifts’ a puppy to Gideon. What on earth was Sylvia thinking, you don’t fucking gift a dog or a cat or any animal for that matter. Do you know what happens to these voiceless babies when the owner cannot accommodate them later. I know I’m deviating but this subject hits home.

Movies and TV have given people the idea that puppies and kittens make heartwarming gifts. But the reality is more often heart-wrenching for most of these living, breathing “gifts” not to mention the families who end up giving up the pets once they grow and require more time, attention, training and expenses than the families can or choose to give. Do you know what trauma these babies go through? (My furry doggie daughter was abused and abandoned, she still has nightmares and wakes up scared) Pets should never be an impulse purchase. Individuals and families thinking of getting a pet should research, prepare and then, when the time is right, seek a pet who realistically complements their lifestyle, schedule and energy level. Many people do not have the time, energy or money to care for a dog over the long term. A new owner may enjoy the animal for a few weeks, but then resent the gift once the novelty wears off, and the cute puppy grows into an active, needy, larger dog.

Avoid this series. Read Fifty shades instead………

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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