Proverbs 12:10a — “A righteous man respects the life of his animal …”

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Princess (doggie) Edd (cat) – My Furry Babies 
My neighbour had a female cat, ‘Chiku’ he used to call her. Except for giving her a home and shelter he didn’t do much. In the three to four years he had Chiku she got pregnant god knows how many times. When her kittens were a few weeks they were abandoned at the local fish market. When I joined hands with a local NGO to neuter stray cats Chicku’s name was the second on the list. The first one being Chicku’s grandmother who keeps getting pregnant too. Now when Chicku was back the neighbour did not want her. He kept shooing her away. They don’t beat her but they show her hockey sticks and run after her when she went ‘home’. I so want to bring her to my house but she refuses to come, she stands outside ‘her’ house and cries. Her cries rip through my heart. I feed cats in my area so I feed her too. In fact these days I give her extra food, her operation has almost healed but she is in so much stress and confusion.Screenshot_20200520-170328_Instagram
Nymeria (Ginger) Ghost (black and white)
Bringing home a pet is a huge commitment, and one that everyone at home must be ready for. Once a dog/cat enters your house, it becomes a member of the family. They depend on you for more than just food. They deserve not only your love and care, but at the same time, one must be aware that the needs of an animal are different from that of humans. The pet needs space to run around, and requires that you pay adequate attention to its grooming and health.Screenshot_20200520-170241_Instagram


When pets are not given the kind of care they require their attitudes tend to change, and they can become temperamental and aggressive. Owners who are unable to handle this change end up abandoning their pets. Nothing is more cruel than being ripped away from your family and left in an unknown environment. Unlike street animals, pets do not know how to fend for and protect themselves many of them die. Many pets will starve or suffer adverse health effects from malnutrition due to abandonment. Finally, many owners won’t realize that by abandoning their pets they put them at risk of death. Screenshot_20200520-170214_Instagram


The effects of abandonment last forever, just like with humans. Their lives can get better, they can get better, but it never goes away, that feeling that someone thought they were so worthless as to just dump them like a piece of trash. Imagine how you’d feel, and that’s how they feel.
Parents must educate their children about how to behave with animals. Animals are just like human beings and feel as much pain as we do. They are innocent like babies and exhibit all the emotions that we do — be it joy, sadness or jealousy. Pets have an incredible ability to brighten your day and fill your house with positive energy.Screenshot_20200520-170155_Instagram

Dante (Ginger) Beatrice (White and brown) Meredith (their mother hidden behind them) 

Another issue especially in India is we live in a society where pet parents and non-pet parents struggle to live in harmony. Many pet owners get a lot of harsh treatment from their neighbours, house owners and committee members. Since we mostly live in apartments, it seems almost mandatory to maintain cordial relationships with our neighbours. Most Indian pet parents are unaware of the animal cruelty rules that protect them and their pets. They often abandon their pets after getting a few complaints from their neighbours.
Writing this blog makes me tear up how could people do such things and ever have peace in their soul thereafter? I have a pet dog and a cat and they both are the most precious ones in the world to me. I can’t wrap my mind around a decision to abandon them. Pet abandonment is a crime.Screenshot_20200520-170146_Instagram

Edd (he does sing like Ed Sheeran ha …. ha… ha..)

Human beings are the stronger animals; therefore, we are a threat to animals, and not the other way around.


Named after the characters from the Netflix Serial Money Heist – Nairobi (White and Brown) Berlin (White Black and Brown, Tokyo (White with patches), Moscow (Ginger) The Professor (brown and white whose gazing away) 

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  1. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t let their cat back after the free surgery! There are too many people who own pets who shouldn’t be allowed to own them. Cruelty is cruelty!

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