Love ;;;;;

An Eighteen year old me had written this poem. Came across it while cleaning my drawers. I had written this poem when I was in an intense romantic relationship. My first one. It may come across as innocent, foolish and naïve, but aren’t we all when we are young and in love.

i was doing my own thing living all alone 
you came into my life and made my dreams come true 
the sharing and caring we did it together 
I wanted to fly you became my wings 
you can't imagine the joy you bring 
you promised me love and I said "I DO' 
then darling you became me and I became you

Today when I read it all I can think is how love changes or rather people change. So I got down to re writing this poem twenty two years later………….

i was doing my own thing
living all alone
then you came into my life
I saw my future in your eyes
you put your arms around me and I thought I was home
I wanted to fly and you cut my wings
you can’t imagine the sadness you bring
you promised me love 
instead fucked me real good
then darling you found another
while my arms have gone cold

2 thoughts on “Love ;;;;;

  1. The first is full of hope. The second full of anger. I hope you are moving past that anger stage. Because the only one who hurts if you remain there is you!

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