The Annunciation – Leonardo da Vinci : 1472 – 1480


Leonardo da Vinci’s painting The Annunciation captures many of the most common and symbolically charged motifs of the well-known biblical story. In the Christian tradition, the Annunciation describes the moment when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would become the mother of Jesus Christ.

The Annunciation is generally considered to be one of Leonardo’s youthful works, painted when he was still working in the studio of Andrea del Verrocchio. It copies an invention of Verrocchio’s, the shape of the lectern, inspired by the tomb of Piero the Gouty in the church of San Lorenzo, Florence.

This below mentioned video explains the painting which is situated outdoors. Leonardo’s visual naturalism employs the mechanics of pictorial space to visualize the incarnation as the act of the invisible God entering the physical world.

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