Covid Effect



It is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigour. – Cicero

So if there is any thing positive come out of this lockdown it’s exercising at home. I used to find it difficult exercising at home. Reason being I was self conscious due to my mom and her critical comments. When the lockdown was announced for almost fifteen days I didn’t workout but then I realised I have worked too hard from 120 kgs (264.5 pounds) to 80 kgs (176 pounds) I have come a long way. So I shed my inhibitions and started working out from home. Mom cribbed about the music she didn’t like it loud, but come on how can you exercise without loud music ……….. so desperate times call for desperate measures I now use a bluetooth headphone and I can play the music however loud I want too. I got a little brave and took a video of me …. exercising …….. please don’t mind the haphazard way the video is taken I have miles to go before I sleep. 

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  1. Well the video is private, but I’m sure you look great. It is difficult to work out at home so congratulations on conquering that task. Well done!

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