Maria de Nazaré – Padre Marcelo Rossi

August Theme 

I had received this hymn as a what’s app forward and the moment I heard it I went into a trance. It’s Portuguese which I do not understand but  ……….

Music has no boundaries right ???

Give it a listen and you will know what I mean.

Mary of Nazareth, Mary captivated me
Made my faith stronger
And adopted me by her son
At times I stop and think
And I find myself praying
And my heart itself singing
For the Virgin of Nazareth
The girl that God loved and chose
To be mother of Jesus the Son of God,
Mary that all people name
Lady and Mother of Heaven.
Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus!
Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus!
Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus!
Mary that I love, Mary of pure love
No one is your equal
Pure mother of my Lord
In each woman that the created created
Mary left a trace of God
Mary planted a dream of the Mother
For the world to meet peace
Mary that made the Christ speak
Mary that made Jesus walk
Mary that only lived for her God
Mary of my people

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