In The Beginning

Genesis : 1-2

The opening chapters of Genesis talks about the creation of the world. What it show us is how God is different from all the other Gods of the ancient world, because the Jewish people weren’t the only ones with the story about how the world was made. And one of the things Genesis 1-2 is trying to do is set the one true God apart from all the other Gods from pagan religions. 

You see in other cultures creation accounts that the God’s did terrible immoral things that caused the universe to be created by almost accident. But in the Bible, God created the world on purpose and in purity and by simply speaking his word. In different religions, different God’s ruled over the sky and the sea and the land, the true God of the Bible is the maker of all of these. 

In pagan religions, humans are the result of the God’s “accidental accidents” but the one true God of the Bible created humans intentionally and made them in his own image. Other creation myths often portray woman as less than men or as curses to men, but the God in the Bible created both man and woman in his image. In fact the only time God said that something is not good is when he says it’s not good for man to be without a woman. So unlike the pagan Gods who had nothing to do with humans, the one true God of the Bible tells his first humans why they exist. Their purpose is to multiply and fill the earth and while doing so they would take God’s image that was in them and cover the whole world with his presence. They would also be enjoying God’s provision and presence in the garden. 

Finally, unlike the pagan gods of this age who were always causing trouble from their never ending evil works the one true God of the Bible rests after he has finished creating because all his work is done. The opening of the Bible gives us the picture of the world and of the God unlike anything else that man made religions could come up with. 

Remarkably, the new testament takes it one step further it tells us that everything we have read in Genesis was actually created by what it calls the word of God who became flesh in person of Jesus. The God who made humans in his own image, is the God who came in the image of humans. God coming to us in flesh and blood says he who made everything not only makes us in his image, but he makes himself into ours. He comes to us and fills the purpose he gave to Adam and Eve so that we can return to the Garden in God’s presence. By doing so God offers us the rest he experienced on the seventh day of creation because all our work is complete in Jesus. 

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