The Divine Comedy: Inferno : Canto 2 – Dante Alighieri

Canto I

Canto 2 :


It is now the evening of Good Friday, as the two poets approach the entrance to Hell. But Dante wonders if he is truly worthy to make the journey: He recalls that Aeneas, and also St. Paul, made the journey, and he feels unworthy to be included in this noble group: “I am not Aeneas, nor am I Paul,” and Dante is apprehensive.

Virgil reproves Dante for being afraid and assures him that there is great concern for him among angelic spirits, mainly Beatrice, Dante’s beloved, who is now in Heaven. Virgil relates how the Virgin Mary’s messenger, St. Lucia, sent Beatrice to instruct Virgil to help Dante rediscover the “Right Path” from the Dark Woods. Virgil says that Beatrice wept as she pleaded, and Virgil eagerly obeyed her instructions and rescued Dante, so they are ready to begin their journey.

Virgil tells Dante to have courage always because the three ladies of Heaven — Virgin Mary, St. Lucia, and Beatrice — all care for him. Dante is reassured and tells Virgil to lead on and he will follow.


As noted in the last Analysis, this is the introduction to the Inferno. Also Beatrice is mentioned in line 103, she is never mentioned by name again. 

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