How I found my Happiness !!!

Every rescued dog has a tale and here is mine, As you can see I’m Princess, I’m good natured, fun loving and a well behaved Indian breed doggie and after many adventures in my life and now that I have finally settled in my new home (hope it will be my last), I decided to pen down my memories (although as you know I can’t do it, I have asked Mama to do it for me, she has a way in words na).

Like other pups I was blind when I arrived in this world. Only through my nose and sharp ears I could locate my mom. We were three sisters and four brothers. The world was all darkness for us for nearly 17 days after our birth. I remember the day when all of us opened our eyes one by one. We could only see hazy images though, but could sense the tense environment. Mostly we lay huddled with each other. The body warmth of the mom and my mates was very reassuring. Those were the golden days, when most of the time we either slept or suckled our mom. I still loath to recollect the way she licked us to keep us clean.

One day I noticed my mum was not with us, I could hear her voice but we couldn’t go there, for we were in our kennel, when mum came back she walked a funny way and was whimpering, that is when I realised that her legs were swollen and she was in pain. I was 25 days now and only mum used to take care of us, there were humans in the house but they never interacted with us, someone used to come with food for mum but I think that was not enough for I was always hungry didn’t get enough milk to drink, and mum was always crying, I didn’t like seeing mum like this. I used to not get milk for many days (that is what it seems like when you’re hungry) and one day all of us along with mum was crying for food and because of space (we were growing up and needed more place to roam, but our kennel was too small), that’s when they THE HUMANS started beating us. Oh how it hurts, mum watched helplessly she too was hurt.

Once we pups were very hungry for food we were crying when we felt something warm coming towards us, and then it was hot and now parts of my nose, and hind legs were burning………………….. later I was told by my mum that we were burnt by cigarettes. I was in so much pain. Is it my fault that I am a mixed breed. My mum is a Dalmatian and my dad an Indian Pariah, I have only heard about my dad from mum, now the people here do not like us because no one will buy /accept us, they are breeders or some high society bafoons who took pride in giving us away to their business associates, and we are liability for them. So I guess this was their way of venting out their frustration on us. I started believing that this is my life and this is where I will always be, days and days of torture, my beautiful face, my soft fur, all beyond recognition. I could barely walk even then I was dragged out of the house for my potty needs, and I obediently went out, once when I messed the place I got beating very painful beating, and a burn on my muzzle, my nose is scared forever sigh!! never again will I mess the place again. Accept for my mum and my siblings everyone was so cold to me, I guess human beings are like that cold hearted.

Then one day a group of people walked in, I could hear a lot of noises, then one by one we were carried, I felt something heavy on my body, I was scared weak and frail couldn’t take it anymore, I was certain that this is death and slowly everything seemed dark just like when I was born.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a lot of other animals around me, most of the time I only slept and used to be woken up by a human who was very kind to me and who used to scratch my belly and then give me something which didn’t taste nice, (later I learnt that it was called medicine and it helped me to get better). Being there I remembered my mum, aha ………… I missed her warmth and touch, I was alone none of my siblings were there. How I missed them but they were not here. As time went by I began feeling strong and started going out on walks.

Then one day I came to know that my mum was given away to some nice person and three of my siblings have become stars in the heaven above. My brother was still in hospital he too had burnt marks like me. My nose was scarred and I don’t look pretty anymore. Then one day, a girl came by and took me to her house, aha I loved it when they fussed on me, I met a lot of new people who came to see me, they used to play with me and I liked it. Then everyone in the house was hugging me and kissing me I didn’t know why but I liked it, then I was lead by my leash with someone, he was nice, he put me in something and he sat beside me, then suddenly I felt that something moving I got scared very scared, then he told me that this is a car and I was going to my new home, I was being adopted. He seemed a nice warm person, and I loved the air on my face, it was a tiring journey but I enjoyed it. I even had short naps.

Then we reached the place which would be my new home, as soon as we entered I got scared very scared, there was this huge girl who had such a loud voice I thought she was going to beat me, but then she hugged me. Oh !!! what a scare she gave me. Through her loud voice I learnt that the man who bought me was Brain and I was bought from Pune. I was introduced to her, the woman’s name was Kiran although she had a loud voice she had the softest hands I have ever felt and when she touched me I felt bliss, something told me that she was a nice person. I think I have found home. Kiran, my mama says that I am the most beautiful doggie in this world, and we are a team and from now on we would be know as Princess Kiran. I like her. At times she is strict with me she is very nice, she pampers me a lot and spoils me rotten, I have my way with her you see, I can murder someone and get away with it. I am very fond of my new mama, I sleep besides her and sit on her chair. Sometimes when I don’t take my medicines or eat something from outside she scolds me but when I am sick this mama sits by my side and nurses me. Once I had a fever of 106 degrees mama sat besides me, fed me, cleaned my mess, hugged me and didn’t leave my side even for a minute. I’m so happy I have found my Happiness.

– Princess (20th Aug 2009) 

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  1. The story of Princess has touched my heart ♥
    It is short but really worth reading and each incidence and pain that she went through, while reading, I could feel it.
    Humans are undeserving and they don’t really deserve love, sympathy, care, warmth and emotional support and pet can give.

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