I Feel Sick – Day 1 of treatment: 6th February 2021

I Feel Sick 🐶 🐶

I Feel Sick – The night of 5th February 2021

In the morning Princess was wobbly on her legs and breathless. In spite of that, she went to relieve herself and had bloody stools. She had difficulty squatting. Once she relieved herself, her hind legs gave way, and she couldn’t walk. She is 40 kg (88.18 lbs) and I couldn’t carry her. In spite of her pain, she realized I couldn’t carry her, so she walked to the rickshaw which was waiting for her. She needed help to climb in and out of it, though.

The veterinarian prescribed orals medications along with two injections. One was a multivitamin and one was to stop the internal bleeding. The veterinarian also ordered a complete blood work the results of which would be known on Monday (6th being a Saturday). On the way back home Princess seemed a bit energetic and was not wobbly anymore. I had to half carry her to help her climb the rickshaw. She didn’t eat anything but slept well at night. 

List of the medicines to be given

to be continued …..

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