I Feel Sick : Day 3 of treatment – 8th Feb 2021

I Feel Sick 🐶 🐶

I Feel Sick – The night of 5th February 2021

I Feel Sick – Day 1 of treatment: 6th February 2021

I Feel Sick – Day 2 of treatment: 7th February 2021 (Sunday)

Princess walked to relieve herself she was limping a bit. She walked to the rickshaw too, I helped her get in. The blood work results were in Princess was positive for the Babes Gibsoni Parasite which is canine ehrlichiosis also know as dog dengue or tick fever or Lyme disease.

Her platelets were down, WBC was up, Haemoglobin was down, Kidney and Liver Function were up. Since she severely dehydrated the vet put her on subcutaneous Sodium Chloride fluids (NS) 250ml, gave her two injections – the multivitamin and the one to stop the internal bleeding and a couple of syrups for her kidney and platelets. I had to visit the vet daily for the fluids and until Princess’s next blood test which would be after 8-9 days.

Princess’s Medicine Table 

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