I Feel Sick : Day 4 of treatment – 9th February 2021

I Feel Sick 🐶 🐶

I Feel Sick – The night of 5th February 2021

I Feel Sick – Day 1 of treatment: 6th February 2021

I Feel Sick – Day 2 of treatment: 7th February 2021 (Sunday)

I Feel Sick : Day 3 of treatment – 9th February 2020

Now the vet is like 9 km (5.50 miles) from my home. The journey was cumbersome for both Princess and me. I hadn’t travelled that far since March (lockdown) so the pollution was taking a toll on me. I knew I couldn’t fall ill too (or get Covid) as Princess’s treatment would have been affected. I kept the faith, ate homemade food, slept well, meditated and did breathing exercises. Princess was still not eating and drinking way too much water.

As you can see Princess wouldn’t leave myside.

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