I Feel Sick: Day 6 of treatment – 11th February 2021

I Feel Sick 🐶 🐶

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I Feel Sick: Day 5 of treatment – 10th February 2021

The vet prescribed an additional tablet for her platelets along with the other medications and the subcutaneous fluids and the multivitamin injections. The journey tired us out, so the two of us slept it away in the afternoons. On waking up after a good siesta Princess asked for food. She has this look she gives me when she wants to eat. I’ve lived with her for almost 12 years now we don’t need words or rather she doesn’t need words. I’m blah blah blah ….. most of the time anyway. So coming back to the food, she gobbled down half the cup of chicken broth. She wanted more but I couldn’t risk it, she was eating after almost a week, better to take it slow and after a week she barked. 

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