I Feel Sick : Day 7 of treatment – 12th February 2021

I Feel Sick 🐶 🐶

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And now the horror begins, horror for me of course 😅. Now that Princess was feeling better she was like why do I have to endure all this shit. She has never been so sick her entire life and having nine medications 4 times a day plus visiting the vet drove her crazy. Well, I would have got crazy too, who wouldn’t? So she rebelled. Made a fuss about her meds, Refused to walk when she realised she has to go to the vet, whined and restless when there was traffic on the road. She did not appreciate being carried by the vet’s helper to be put on the table, she climbed the guy’s shoulder, put her paw on his head and wanted to jump off him. Seeing this 360-degree transformation in her the vet commented saying “Are you sure she is twelve years old. She is one energetic and happy old doggie”. On reaching home Princes walloped a handful of rice with chicken soup garnished with chicken liver and fell into a fitful sleep. Her hind leg was hurting though because of the muscular injections as she tightens her muscles and her arthritis.

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