Smallee – the kitten

Let’s call the kitten Smallee (for now)

My mom hates this neighbour, and she wanted to show the other neighbours what a kind human being she is so she told me we should keep the kitten indoors during the day at night we can send him out (because no one knows at night so she wouldn’t be able to show off). Whatever my mother’s intention I readily put the kitten in the box and kept him at my place.I decided I would put him up for adoption. It’s a difficult task as there are too many animals and too few takers. But I had to keep the show going on or mom would have told me to throw the kitten out (yup her exact words). 

Days were difficult as mom incessant cribbing about the kitten was getting to me. She gets extremely cruel where money is concerned and she didn’t want me spending a dime on this little one. My anxiety was at its peak and at one time I held the kitten close to my chest and cried. When I looked down at the kitten his eyes tore at my soul and in that instant, I knew what I had to do. I had to do the right thing. The right thing being protecting him and finding him a home. If I couldn’t find him a home, he could live in my backyard when he was stronger, bigger and healthier. Not now not like this. So holding the little one close to my heart listening to his heartbeats my mind hatched a plan.

Now my mom likes everything free. She likes exploiting kind people and that is what I had to tell her. I told her the vet would cover all the expenses for the kitten. Still, she was not convinced, she didn’t want me to spend on travelling, so I told her there are kind and generous people on the What’s app animal group (I am a part of many such groups.) who will give me a ride to the doctors. That brought a smile to her face.

Now my Princess is still undergoing treatment at the vet so when I took her the next time I spoke about the kitten. I told the vet I would pay in cash (yeah mom snoops around in my financial statements too). The vet gave the kitten better weening formulae and multivitamins for immunity.

I showed them to mom when I reached home and mom was happy. She even insisted I tell the vet for free treatment for Princess and Edd. Seeing the medicines that my mom thought was free she told me to let the little one stay nights too until she was adopted.

And that’s how it all started. I purchased essential stuff for the kitten (Why should she use Edd’s stuff?) made it a hamper and sent it to myself all gift wrapped. Told mom generous people have sent it so that we don’t have to spend ‘our’ money. 

The things a 42-year-old woman has to do, but I feel happy, I feel blessed, I feel at peace and if I’m feeling such positive things how can I be doing the wrong thing.

I remembered Vincent Van Gogh’s quote about saving lives
To save a life is a real and beautiful thing. To make a home for the homeless, yes, it is a thing that must be good; whatever the world may say, it cannot be wrong.

The day I brought Smallee home

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