It’s a beautiful day – Radhi

Smallee – The kitten – I

Smallee – The Kitten – II

The following week I took the kitten to the vet along with Princess. Turned out the kitten was a girl. I decided to name her Radhi, Radhi in Swahili means content and satisfied, and that is how she was when I found her calm and content unlike her sibling. But she was unwell. She had a fever of 104 degrees, chest infection and congestion. This was bound to happen. It was almost two weeks. She has been interacting with the other cats too, plus she is not on her mother‘s milk. The vet gave me antibiotics and asked me to see her in five days. Her appetite was good.

On returning home I told mom that the kitten is just a month and a half with bad chest congestion. So right now we can’t put her up for adoption. Mom agreed, I mean why wouldn’t she, lots of stuff was coming home and she wanted to use Radhi’s stuff for Edd. Edd is an adult cat why he would want kitten food he refused it outright but who will tell this to my greedy mother.

By the next day, Radhi’s infection worsened and she not only started sneezing her eyes were watering too (viral infection takes it’s on time). She was playful and her appetite was growing. I stopped her from going outside and made a litter box for her at home. Mom agreed to this because she got news we were getting new tenants and she was getting her desired amount as rent for the apartment. So she started showering her toxic love on Radhi. I’m glad she doesn’t touch Radhi. I don’t want her toxicity and negative vibes to go to Radhi. Mom has spoilt Edd rotten. Edd is a nice cat. A good cat, but when he is in moms shadows he changes and gets cruel, bites pregnant cats and kittens picks up a fight with tomcat and mind you Edd is neutered. Edd knows my mom will beat, yes beat the other cat no matter whose mistake it is. 

I took Radhi to the vet again after five days. My neighbours are making furniture at their place, so her chest is highly congested. However, on the brighter side, she has gained weight. A week ago she was 700 gms now she was 774 grams. The vet has increased her meds and asked to see her in seven days.

Little Radhi with Anakin (black and white cat) and Leah (grey cat)

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