Love at first …… Meow 🐱

Radhi visited the vet and the girl is now all of 800 grams. Her meds were changed too and what do I see the next day. She is a different kitten. Vivacious, Naughty and a pain in the neck. Where did the Zen-like kitten go ? Her appetite has increased and so has her shenanigans. The vet has asked to see her in ten days. 

Princess (my first love) wasn’t mine, she fell in love with my ex first, Edd was my mom’s first love. With Radhi it’s different, there was an instant connection and she snuggles and cuddles with me, something which Princess and Edd don’t do. Radhi has started grooming herself after long and she looks adorable. Mom mentioned more than once that she wants her gone. I so want to keep her. Universe / God who ever is out there listening, please let me keep her, this one was made for me.…………… 

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