Back to Square One ……. (Well almost)

So I did take Princess back to the vet after ten days and her blood work came back negative which meant all the fucking parasites were dead. I did read somewhere that these bastards don’t die they hide in the spleen and when they find the immunity low they come back and attack. 

Naturally, I choose to ignore this and was grateful my Princess was cured.

But little did I know that my happiness was short-lived. 


18th March 2021 

The entire day Princess had a fever and her hind legs were stiff. She was eating but not like before. Took her to the vet. Both the vet and me doubted she relapsed and my greatest fear was confirmed by the blood report. She has had a tick fever relapse. But this time by a different variant of the parasite. The last time it was Babesian Gibsoni and this time its Babesian Cannis. The vet has put her on antibiotics and the next day she suggested a more aggressive approach. 

19 March 2021 –

Princess didn’t eat anything and she was in pain. On the way to the vet, she couldn’t climb the rickshaw and three times she just sat on the ground. She is a heavy doggie and I couldn’t carry her. The rickshaw guy though scared helped me carry her inside. (God bless him) The vet explained that Princess has to live with this illness and it could strike anytime all we can do is manage it and give her timely medical treatment when required. Treatment is expensive of-course, which is okay as long as she recovers. I am scared of the day when she stops responding to treatment but the vet assured me, for now, she is a strong dog and will pull through also every time she falls sick I should not think she will die. This will send a negative message to Princess and she will give up fighting. She is fighting and she is strong because of me. So if she is ready to fight I should not be negative. I am a believer in vibes but I’m emotional about Princess too and I fear the day I have to lose her.

Now there is a special veterinary injection that comes to kill these fucking parasites. But this injection comes with major side effects and the doggie can die. So to counter the side effects Princess had to be given two other injections. A gap of 15 minutes between each of them. So that the doctor can monitor her. When I visited the vet the next day with Edd and Radhi the vet enquired about Princess first. That’s when it hit me this is a dangerous treatment. After ten days another blood test. If she is fine then I have to make lifestyle changes and observe her minutely. And if the parasite is still there then start the treatment again. 

That night Princess was restless. She was drinking a lot of water. It’s the side effect of the injection. Early morning she asked to go out to pee and she fell asleep. On waking up she asked to eat. Her appetite is building up but slowly. 

Look at how she has no control of her hind leg, as the illness progresses her hind leg gets stiff and she can’t walk

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