An Update ……. about me

Last month was a whirlwind. Had a bad attack of cervical spondylitis/cervical vertigo. That explains my absence from blogging. For a few years now it was in remission, too much computer phone usage caused the attack. Honestly, it was the universe’s way of asking me to slow down. To enjoy my furry babies, books, workout for a few extra minutes, sleep a little extra, enjoy the small things that had been forgotten. And trust me that’s exactly what I did. 

Having lived with physical chronic pain for years it has forced me to wrestle with the underlying thought, that maybe I can do more, so I forced and pushed myself to the extreme, my body told me to slow down I didn’t listen, until the body snaps. 

You have to accept and adapt to the limitations in your body. Sometimes it’s okay to say ‘Not Today’, that doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong, knowing when to stop.

I’ve changed my workout plans. I’m doing more strength training yoga and callisthenics and it’s working I’m much better. But like any chronic illness, I do have bad days not as bad as the first week of July. I still get bouts of dizziness especially when I’m on the computer and phone. Rest of the time I’m fine. So I have embraced my pain and made it mine. We are going to work on it together. 

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