How to Live a Life Without Expectations and Disappointment?

The word “should” brings forth expectations. Every time, you think someone should do something or something should happen, that is an expectation.

Our expectations make us feel miserable because we believe we are right. When you believe XYZ things are the right things to do and people should do it, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

Don’t expect people to be nice to you. Instead, be nice to yourself! Don’t expect strangers to act in a way you want them too. Not everyone shares the same experience as you and see the perceptions you see. You can only control how you treat others and how you treat yourself. So be nice to yourself and when people are unkind. Forgive them.

Don’t even expect your friends or family to do what they promise. This has nothing to do with trust. People just don’t do what they promise every single time. I’m sure you experience it for yourself.

Don’t compare yourself with others. You are not everyone else. You have your unique strengths. 

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