Signs you had a Toxic Parent/Parents

      • Nothing you did was ever good enough for them.
      • You felt emotionally disconnected/numb from them.
      • Boundaries were not allowed or respected.
      • They used their role as ‘the parent’ to dominate or bully you.
      • Their needs took priority over yours.
      • They used guilt/manipulation and were critical towards you. 
      • They were abusive, violent, chaotic, or unpredictable.
      • You were afraid to speak the truth.
      • You felt less worthy, unseen or misunderstood.
      • You had to be hyper vigilant and always walked on eggshells waiting for the other shoe to drop.
      • You felt that your needs or feelings were not important.

2 thoughts on “Signs you had a Toxic Parent/Parents

  1. Sounds like a narcissistic parent. I am unfortunately the victim of narcissistic abuse along with my threefold. I discuss a lot of the same things in my blog also. Fine line between toxic and narcissistic. Take care! ❤️ you are enough ☮️❤️🙂

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