What is Gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation and emotional abuse. The person gaslighting you avoids responsibility for their toxic behavior by lying and denying and making you question facts, your memory and your feelings. The person gaslighting you makes you feel crazy and confused.

Please understand : You’re NOT crazy. You’re being manipulated and this is toxic and not acceptable.

Examples of Gaslighting behaviour –

  • Lying with certainty and sticking with it.
  • Denying and demanding proof.
  • Using tricks to confuse you (giving wrong information)
  • Not taking or allowing any criticism.
  • Other manipulations to confuse, trivialise etc
  • Signs of being Gaslighted –
  • You question whether your feelings are justified.
  • You’re second guessing yourself and past events.
  • You’re apologising all the time and trust the judgment of others over your own.
  • You make excuses for your partner or withhold information from friends and family.
  • You think something is wrong with you and question if you’re ‘good enough’.
  • You feel something might be off and you don’t feel like yourself anymore.
  • You often feel confused, blurry, can’t focus and can’t make simple decisions.
  • You are constantly reminded of shortcomings, flaws, undesirable, walking on eggshells and feeling insecure.

How to handle Gaslighting –

Remain defiant. You know what you know. Being defiant makes you resilient.

Recognise there will never be accountability. Narcissists or toxic people cannot respond to logic or reason. Let go of the wish for it to be different. Encourage yourself to hold on and stop engaging yourself with the person.

Develop healthy detachment.

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