How to forgive someone who didn’t apologize

  • Stand in your truth. You know what you went through. You don’t need their admission or validation of what happened.
  • Don’t say it’s okay when it’s not. Allow yourself to fully feel the pain of what they did. Their inability to apologise doesn’t mean its okay. You decide that.
  • Don’t keep the door open to those who consistently hurt you. Part of holding them accountable is about you drawing boundaries and take away their access to you.
  • Don’t allow them to mislead you into believing that it’s all in your head or you’re too sensitive. If it hurts, it hurts. Someone who cares about you validates your feelings without shaming you.
  • Understand that forgiving them doesn’t depend on their apology. Forgiving them means that their actions don’t control you anymore. It means that you see them as humans who’ve treated you from their own level of maturity and awareness. Your ability to see that helps you take away their power over you.

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