About Me

Hi, I was born and raised in Mumbai. I grew up in a family where there was a lot of unprocessed trauma (intergenerational). As a result, my emotional needs were not met in the past or present. I witnessed people in my family deal with their trauma (secondary trauma). This led to me having a few issues of my own. Over the years with a healthy lifestyle, meditation, and spirituality I’ve begun to understand myself better. Each day is a learning curve, and no matter how much work I do on myself I snap back sometimes. And that’s okay …… Growth is a dance, not a light switch. I don’t think the healing process ends. I just think there comes a time when you decide that your wounds aren’t going to stop you from becoming the person you want to be. Self-love is a lifelong journey and sometimes it’s hard. You just have to commit. 

A couple of years ago my anxiety was at its peak and so was my weight (I was 125kgs -2.20 pounds). I left the corporate jungle to become a full-time mother to 23 cats (purely accidental, I would say the cats found me and saved me). Yeah, there was no income living off my family, I still am, but this service left my soul nourished. “Selflessness is the surest route to inner peace and meaningful life. Selflessness heals the self”.(Thanks to Jay Shetty for that quote). When I’m not spending time with my furry babies I love reading, writing, and living a healthy, fit, spiritual, and organized life!

Writing to me is cathartic so one day I thought how can I share my experiences and knowledge that I have amassed while I struggled to lead a ‘normal’ life. I started a blog, a website in fact, but I deleted it; my fear that I would be judged, I was ashamed. Last year I turned my fear into power. The Power to Write. The Power to help someone who is in a similar situation as I am. The Power to come out in the open. 

I’m grateful for this platform which enables me to share my experiences with all of you. Sending all of you loads of hugs and positive vibes.

Thank you and see you around.

Ohh, WAIT !!! since this is ‘About Me’ it feels incomplete without introducing you to my two munchkins. Princess (doggie) Edd (cat). Can’t photograph them together …………. you can say they share a love-hate relationship.