My Little Lady

Radhi is all of five months now. She is a fiesty girl. All her vaccinations are completed and by the seventh month I will fix her, so she can lead a healthy beautiful life.

Love at first …… Meow 🐱

Radhi visited the vet and the girl is now all of 800 grams. Her meds were changed too and what do I see the next day. She is a different kitten. Vivacious, Naughty and a pain in the neck. Where did the Zen-like kitten go ? Her appetite has increased and so has her shenanigans. … Continue reading Love at first …… Meow 🐱

It’s a beautiful day – Radhi

Smallee - The kitten - I Smallee - The Kitten - II The following week I took the kitten to the vet along with Princess. Turned out the kitten was a girl. I decided to name her Radhi, Radhi in Swahili means content and satisfied, and that is how she was when I found her … Continue reading It’s a beautiful day – Radhi

Smallee – the kitten

Let's call the kitten Smallee (for now) My mom hates this neighbour, and she wanted to show the other neighbours what a kind human being she is so she told me we should keep the kitten indoors during the day at night we can send him out (because no one knows at night so she wouldn’t … Continue reading Smallee – the kitten