Signs you grew up feeling lonely – 

Chasing and clinging emotionally to others. Over-talking/oversharing whenever there is someone to talk to. Feeling like you’re the disposable person in the group. Maladaptive daydreaming. Become infatuated with people who show interest in you. Constantly apologising and excessive helpfulness.  Super active imagination. Feeling isolated even if you're around people. Becoming obsessive with friendships. Constantly talking … Continue reading Signs you grew up feeling lonely – 

Reasons why we procrastinate

We are emotionally drained. Adaptive mechanism - Growing up, uncertainty was common, planning/organising often led to disappointment. It’s a way to manage anxiety short term (while creating more long term) We are afraid of finishing a task as it may leave us open to external criticism. The task is not in alignment with internal wants/needs. … Continue reading Reasons why we procrastinate

Why saying sorry is important

Help us move through anger. Give us closure about what happened and why. Help us stop thinking about the past. Be the start of a healing process. Help us cultivate empathy in the relationship. Set the wrongdoer free of shame by taking responsibility. Improve self-respect.

Grounding exercise for Anxiety Attacks

Sit outdoors or face a window and get comfortable. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing until you feel calm. Open your eyes and notice 5 things you can see. Now notice 4 things you can hear. Now notice 3 things you can feel. Now notice 2 things you can smell. Lastly, notice 1 thing … Continue reading Grounding exercise for Anxiety Attacks

Why we go back to toxic people?

As time passes we forget how bad they made us feel. Loneliness. We think they may have changed. We are people-pleasers and don’t feel we deserve something better. We become comfortable and used to their behaviour. @justgirlproject

5 ways to recover from our own mistakes

Don’t deflect the blame, reflect on how you can remove your own negative qualities. Practice humility and ask for forgiveness of those you may have affected. Don’t frantically try to defend yourself. Pray for the strength to resist being pulled back to the past by others and your own mind. Rise above regret and despondency, … Continue reading 5 ways to recover from our own mistakes

How to feel content with your life right now

  Find out what your values are.  Focus on your present state of well-being. Start practising mindfulness. Embrace your curiosity and learn something. Focus on your strengths. Fully savour your positive experiences. 

Love Yourself

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have build against it. Love is your natural state. It’s all there is. Your are love. Anything your looking for is already there. Remind yourself of it and make space for it in your … Continue reading Love Yourself

Someone who’s been mentally abused may ……

1)Constantly apologise.  2)Breakdown during small disagreements. 3)Need a lot of reassurance. 4)Struggle to put their guard down. 5)Be hypersensitive to criticism. 6) Hide their feelings. 7) Feel like ‘they are not enough’ Be Kind to them .......

Helpful Self – Talk When Getting Pushback Around Boundaries

“It’s okay they are not speaking to me now because I put that boundary in place, that boundary is necessary for a healthy relationship.” “I may not have communicated that boundary clearly; it is okay for me to go back with a clearer explanation, but not over-explanation.” “I know they are having a strong reaction; … Continue reading Helpful Self – Talk When Getting Pushback Around Boundaries