How to give a true apology

Don't use ‘but’ (“I’m sorry but ……)” using but invalidates the apology. Don’t use ‘if’ (“I’m sorry if …..”) suggests that a hurt may not have happened. Don’t use (“I’m sorry for what happened)”, it evades responsibility. Don’t give too many justifications and explanations. It gets overwhelming. Really listen to the person who has been … Continue reading How to give a true apology

It’s not your responsibility –

To repair relationships that were one-sided. To be over responsible because the people around you were under responsible. To keep the peace around you while the peace inside of you was erupting. To fulfil roles others created for you. To fix or try to change someone who’s not willing to change themselves. To show someone … Continue reading It’s not your responsibility –

When you’re emotionally numb

You are extra forgetful. You're extremely indecisive. You don’t feel things internally or externally. You find it difficult to cry or feel disappointed. You have conflicting feelings. You will make a decision without putting in much forethought. Have little access to memories and senses. Either you will overreact or you won’t react at all. Feel … Continue reading When you’re emotionally numb