Love Yourself

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have build against it. Love is your natural state. It’s all there is. Your are love. Anything your looking for is already there. Remind yourself of it and make space for it in your … Continue reading Love Yourself

Early Morning at the Beach on New Year’s Day

Mornings - The atmosphere on the beach is quiet and relaxed. The sound of the waves soothes you as the sea reflects the morning sun.  It’s just the perfect time to have a run, a walk, do some yoga or meditate. The air is fresh, the light bright and clear.  Location - Juhu Beach, Mumbai, … Continue reading Early Morning at the Beach on New Year’s Day

Happy New Year 2021 to me !!!

This New Year I thank my body for holding the trauma for me, for holding the pain, for holding my emotional setbacks, for holding the disappointments, for saving my life. THANK YOU !!! One day I would like to rest Not today though, And I would be forever grateful. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ME. - … Continue reading Happy New Year 2021 to me !!!