19th October 2021

People think that opposite of stress is peace. It’s not. The greatest joy comes from excepting stress for a worthy purposeful and meaningful cause. 

18th October 2021

When you notice your mental health declining, do one small thing that brings you peace. Take a shower, text to a loved one, step outside. One little step is all you need to remind yourself that this is not permanent. 

17th October 2021

Time will heal you, but not when you keep running back to what broke you. The problem is that many of you haven’t decided that you actually want to move on. You’re still waiting for that phone call or text message. You’re still waiting for that apology. Closure is a myth and it’s that need … Continue reading 17th October 2021

16th October 2021

Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means it no longer controls our life.


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