Grounding exercise for Anxiety Attacks

Sit outdoors or face a window and get comfortable. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing until you feel calm. Open your eyes and notice 5 things you can see. Now notice 4 things you can hear. Now notice 3 things you can feel. Now notice 2 things you can smell. Lastly, notice 1 thing … Continue reading Grounding exercise for Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety Vs Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety  Relaxation techniques actually work. Can push you to be better. Has a clear beginning, middle and end. Triggered by a specific event. An expected reaction to a difficult situation.   Anxiety Disorder Initiates cognitive and physical symptoms (racing thoughts/palpitations) Leads to safety behaviours (avoidance/controlling) Feels never-ending and can go on for months. Fear response … Continue reading Anxiety Vs Anxiety Disorder

If you tend to say yes when you want to say no

Set boundaries for yourself and hold firm to them. Remind yourself it’s not your job to make everyone happy. Practice saying ‘let me get back to you when my schedule is more clear’ Realise that doing too much could actually hurt you rather than help. Learn to let go and detach yourself from other people’s … Continue reading If you tend to say yes when you want to say no