Playlist for October 2021

  As you guys must of noticed I was not very active here last month. Was down with Covid. When we are thrust into a kind of uncertainty we can feel a plethora of emotions ranging from disapointment, anger, fear and sadness. There were a couple of songs that helped me navigate this uncertainty, trust … Continue reading Playlist for October 2021

Namo Namo – Amit Trivedi

August Theme  This song is from the Hindi Film - Kedarnath starring Sushant Singh Rajput (God bless his soul) and Sara Ali Khan. I reached the theatre late, so missed the first five minutes of the film and no sooner I sat down this song started playing. Hearing this song in the theatre is a … Continue reading Namo Namo – Amit Trivedi

i have a dream – abba

    Theme for August 2020 - Yet another iconic track by the Swedish pop group ABBA, “I Have a Dream” has a deep rooted meaning than what meets the eye in a glance. “I Have a Dream” was released in ABBA’s sixth album ‘Voulez-Vous’ released in 1979. For me this song is about … Continue reading i have a dream – abba