Why we go back to toxic people?

As time passes we forget how bad they made us feel. Loneliness. We think they may have changed. We are people-pleasers and don’t feel we deserve something better. We become comfortable and used to their behaviour. @justgirlproject

Helpful Self – Talk When Getting Pushback Around Boundaries

“It’s okay they are not speaking to me now because I put that boundary in place, that boundary is necessary for a healthy relationship.” “I may not have communicated that boundary clearly; it is okay for me to go back with a clearer explanation, but not over-explanation.” “I know they are having a strong reaction; … Continue reading Helpful Self – Talk When Getting Pushback Around Boundaries

How to begin healing the Mother Wound

You may have a mother wound if -  Your mother was emotionally/physically abusive. She focused on your flaws and compared you to others. If you were unable or scared to turn to your mother for support. You felt like she wanted to compete with you. You only got attention and love through performing. You had … Continue reading How to begin healing the Mother Wound

Maladaptive Daydreaming

  Have you sat in a boring class only to find yourself drifting into a daydream? In most cases, we daydream when we need to be elsewhere but can’t change the current setting or situation just yet. It sounds harmless, creative and fun right ?? But too much of anything is always bad. I remember … Continue reading Maladaptive Daydreaming

Emotional Abandonment

If you want to change the world go home and love your family - Mother Theresa  abandonment /əˈbandənm(ə)nt/ noun the action or fact of abandoning or being abandon.  Emotional abandonment in childhood can happen if the primary caretaker, is unable to be present emotionally for her baby. In my case, it’s because my mother is … Continue reading Emotional Abandonment