I’m Done

Today I’m done being my own worst enemy I’m done doubting myself all the time I’m done waiting for approvals I’m done waiting for signs I’m setting myself free from the guilt I couldn’t be

We Are Family

Our society establishes family as the core institution of a person’s life. It’s true. Family shapes the first years of our lives. And this upbringing is crucial to the kind of people we become as adults. However, not everyone is blessed with a healthy, loving home. There are many people you can choose in your … Continue reading We Are Family

Standing Tall

The apartment smelled fabulous when I got back home from Yoga class. Ed Sheeran was crooning through the speakers. I glanced into the kitchen and saw him swaying to the music while stirring something on the hot plate.  ‘Hey good morning,’ I called out as I got closer. ‘What’s cooking?’ He held a spoon out, I … Continue reading Standing Tall

Beautifully Imperfect

There are times I feel I’m just like an imperfect mosaic piece in a world of perfect masterpieces.  How many times have I asked myself - What the hell has happened to me? What was my fault?  I want to move forward, but there is something holding me back. The one who was supposed to … Continue reading Beautifully Imperfect